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Looking for lupus support and information? 
We've got your back.

Welcome to

More Than Lupus. 

Our Mission

We are an inclusive community designed by patients to connect, grow, and inspire YOU throughout the peaks and valleys of your lupus journey. Our goal is to amplify the patients' voice, listen to the community needs, and provide programs, support, and resources at local and national levels.


More Than Lupus Support Groups


We Offer:

 Weekly online Facebook Support Groups

Monthly Zoom Gatherings

In-Person Support Groups for the Portland Metro Area

More Than Lupus Events


 Our variety of educational, awareness, and community events will inspire and encourage you as you navigate the peaks and valleys of your journey. Subscribe or follow us on social media to ensure you don't miss these great opportunities!

"More Than Lupus is Amazing, Awesome, Informative, Supportive. I could go on forever. Lupus Awareness at its finest. You won't find better than this. Anywhere!!!" 


—  Tamara Zaffino, Lupus Advocate

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More Than Lupus Community

We are here to connect, support, and encourage you along your lupus journey. When you reach out to More Than Lupus, be assured you will receive a personal email from us. 

We are here for YOU.

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