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We are a inclusive, multiethnic, multi-generational community of lupus patients that are waiting to connect with YOU!

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We know this is hard, but you are not alone. 

"You won't find better than this. Anywhere!!

- Tamara Zaffino, Lupus Advocate

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Now Is The Time To Know MORE...
- Marie Curie

Support Groups:



Thursday, November 17th

10:00 AM

Beaverton Christian Church 

Saturday, November 19th

10:00 AM 

One HOPE Fellowship Church

Monthly ZOOM

Saturday, November 19th 

1:00 PM PST 

(To request invitation email morethanlupus@gmailcom)

Educational Events

Get MORE information, and MORE inspiration.

Our goal is to provide greater inspiration and help provide you with the tools you need to manage your illness.  Our events will inspire and encourage you as you navigate the peaks of valleys of your journey. Subscribe or follow us on social media to ensure you don't miss these great opportunities!

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MORE help when finances get tough.

Introducing Emergency Client Services. Financial grants to help you with the unexpected. *Limited availability  

Partnering with other patient driven organizations to advance the mission. 

Weekly Blogs that Inspire MORE.

Encouragement and Information that Empowers Daily Living.

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