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The Benefits of Traveling by RV When You Have Lupus

A few years ago I wrote a blog article for More than Lupus about Traveling by RV. Since then I've gained more experience with RV's and have more tips and advice.

So you want to travel and maybe you don't like to fly, or you don't feel safe flying due to health concerns. Perhaps you don't want to go by train or cruise ship. Totally understandable especially with Covid still lingering around.

How about traveling by RV?

Now you might say hold on Amy. I can't afford an RV. There are many places today that will rent out RV's for a weekend or a week. It's a great way to see if an RV will suit your needs.

Let's say you decide to buy an RV. There are many options out there. There are your travel trailers that you pull behind you. The only negative with those is you need a vehicle to pull them once. Plus you can't ride in them while they are being towed so there goes you ability to stretch out on the couch or easily get up to use the bathroom if needed. I like the enclosed drivable RV's. They come in 3 classes.

You have your big bus style RV's for long trips or full time living. These are your A class RV's and most have every luxury from home in them. Then you have your C class which are your medium size and have bunk beds/cab over the drivers area along with couch, kitchen, bath, dining area, and bedroom. And then you have your B class which is like a big conversion van but they have couch, bathroom, and kitchen in them. So with my family we started out with a medium size C class. As we started traveling more we went up to a bigger size C class almost the size of an A class. We also brought a B class to use for local excursions.

Why do I love traveling by RV? Oh there are so many reasons.

  1. Your own bathroom. You don't have to worry about finding a rest area which is very handy if your out on the open highway with no rest area in sight. Also you don't have to worry about how clean the bathroom is or picking up germs. And you don't have to pester your husband to pull over so you can pee. Lol!

  2. You can have all your meds handy if needed. My C class has its own built in medicine cabinet. Very convenient. No hassle or worrying about getting meds thru security checks.

  3. You have a refrigerator to keep meds cold if needed.

  4. You have quick access to cold drinks if needed. Very nice.

  5. Your own bed. With your own sheets and pillows. If your feeling lousy while traveling nothing like your own bed.

  6. Closets ! No living out of suitcases. Yes !!

  7. Did a mention a kitchen so you can prepare healthy meals instead of eating take out.

  8. Leg room, leg room, leg room. No cramped seats.

  9. You can bring your pets along.

  10. You can stretch out on the couch.

  11. The new places you get to see.

  12. You can bring what you need. No security checks. No crowded planes or trains. No delays. No worrying if the person next to you is sick.

  13. Cheaper than a hotel or plane ticket

  14. My favorite. If you get tired sightseeing, and the others you are with still want to sightsee you can go back to the Rv and relax while they sightsee.

As I mentioned earlier in this article my family owns 2 Rvs. A C class for long excursions and a B class. I love my B class. Even if you don't travel consider buying a B class. I say this cause I use mine for day trips, and trips to the doctors office. Let's say your out somewhere and need a bathroom. Bingo i have my own. Or feeling sick after a lab test. Bingo I have a toilet and a couch to rest on. Out sight seeing for the day and feeling tired. I have a refrigerator for snacks and drinks. I love that B class. I miss it every winter when we take it off the road for the winter season cause I live in snow country.

But having an RV is definitely convenient if you have lupus, an compromised immune system, or any disability.

There's a whole world out there waiting to be explored.


Amy Noble

Amy was born and raised in upstate New York. She was diagnosed with Lupus five years ago but believes she had it longer than that. She also deals with diabetes, seizures and is a two time stroke survivor. Amy currently resides in northern New York state where she lives with her husband, son, six dogs, three cats, and a horse. When she is not busy with family and pets she likes to write, draw, paint, and travel in her RV. September 2022

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