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Introducing Lupus Lyfts!

Historically, one of the biggest barriers to care in lupus patient groups is transportation.  This problem has a disproportionate impact on individuals who have chronic conditions like lupus. Additionally, for communities of color, unreliable mass transit, transportation costs, and unequal access have contributed to longstanding structural racism and associated socioeconomic barriers that have segregated communities from a range of opportunities, including access to healthcare.

Not to mention, lupus and lupus nephritis are more prevalent, occur at a younger age, and have more negative health outcomes in minority populations that require more medical care.

SLE combined with nephritis requires 2.5 times more resources-including transportation. *US Claims Database 2009


Now, whether it is the financial burden of gas prices, car maintenance, or patients not being able to drive due to pain or medication side effects- these factors (and many others) may lead a patient to delay treatment, attend doctor follow-ups, or complete routine lab tests. All of which can lead to poor health outcomes.

This is a problem. A problem that we take very seriously and have been working on practical solutions to help.   

We are thrilled to introduce to you a new resource that we are offering to our community members located in the Portland Metro Area.  

Lupus Lyft’s is a program dedicated to providing free transportation through prepaid Lyft credits for any lupus patient in need of transportation to fulfill their medical needs as they navigate the many places and spaces necessary to improve their health outcomes.  


if you need a Lupus Lyft, please email 1-2 days in advance. We will ask you to complete a brief survey and give us your feedback about your experience.

This program is proudly presented by the More Than Lupus Foundation with support from Aurinia Pharmaceuticals and is open to those living with lupus or those that are supporting someone with lupus in the Portland Metro area.

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